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It was approved the model and content of the personal cash register and its registration procedure with the Tax Authorities

Thus, in accordance with the provisions of the Order, the economic operator has the obligation to establish a register of personal money, for each unit of sale of goods or provision of services. The users of fiscal electronic cash machines are obliged, in accordance with the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 28/1999, republished, as further amended […]

laptop lawyer property law

Order of the Minister of Health No. 372/2015 regarding the registration of medical devices

Thus, according to the provisions of the Order, at the date the medical devices are introduced on the market, the manufacturers are obliged to respect the following procedure for registration of these devices: a)     Filling out notification forms F.1 and F.2, depending on the type of the medical device marketed, form to be accompanied by […]

Starting with March 3’rd, the banks will be required to display the card transactions fees on the ATM screens

Order came into force and takes effect starting on 03.03.2015. According to the provisions of the Order, payment institutions that provide services of accepting payment through debit cards and credit cards issued in Romania, at the ATM terminals located in Romania, are required to inform consumers of all fees, charges, expenses and any other type […]