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Law regarding giving in payment of immovable property for redemption of obligations under loan agreements was adopted by the Senate

According to the legal provisions, notwithstanding the Civil Code, the consumer has the right to have his debt with all accessories, cleared at no extra cost, by giving in payment the mortgaged property in favor of the creditor, if the parties to the credit agreement do not reach any agreement. To benefit from the settlement […]

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Withholding of taxes and employees’ contributions, but not paying them to the state is no longer an offence

Art. 6 of Law no. 241/2005 provides that “is an offense and is punishable by imprisonment from one year to six years detention withholding and not submitting, intentionally, within 30 days of the due date, the amounts representing taxes or contributions.” In its arguing, the Constitutional Court ruled that the legal provisions in case are […]

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The law which amends the provisions relating to maternity protection at workplaces came into force

Under the new legal provisions, by “job” means the area delimited in space, depending on the specific labor, endowed with the means and materials necessary for the work, in order to achieve an operation, a work or for performing an activity by one or more performers, with their preparation and skills, in appropriate technical circumstances, […]

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The forfeiture of the good conduct guarantee provided by the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2006 on the award of public procurement contracts was declared unconstitutional

The object of the exceptions of unconstitutionality is the provisions of art. 2711 and art. 2712 of the Government Emergency Ordinance No. 34/2006 on the award of public procurement contracts, public works concession contracts and service concession, regarding the appeal procedure on awarding public procurement contracts, the establishment of the good conduct guarantee of the […]

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The High Court of Cassation and Justice decided that the VAT deduction cannot be made if the invoice does not fulfill all of the form conditions

Thus, through the above-mentioned decision, the High Court of Cassation and Justice has determined that: “The VAT cannot be deducted, nor can the tax base required in determining the income tax cannot be diminished, in case the supporting documents presented do not contain or provide all the information provided by the legal provisions in force, […]

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Traders who fool consumers will be punished with huge fines since 03.14.2015

The new legal provisions considered punishable offenses and sanction the unfair practices, with the following fines: a)     a fine of 5.000 lei to 100.000 lei, for misleading commercial practices, as defined in Annex. 1, paragraph “misleading business practices”; b)    a fine of 2.000 lei to 100.000 lei for aggressive commercial practices, as defined in Annex. […]

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Meal tickets may be granted to employees also in electronic format

According to the press release published on the website of the Ministry of Finance in box Decisional transparency, it was published the draft decision on amending and supplementing Government Decision no. 5/1999 for the approval of the application of Law no. 142/1998 regarding the granting of meal vouchers. GD project seeks to implement the amendments […]