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Dispute between neighbors

Dispute between neighbors. Violation of property limits in Romania.

The disputes between neighbors in Romania on various aspects of property rights, such as the minimum distance between constructions, not respecting the view to the neighboring fund, non-compliance with the minimum distance from the border or the minimum distance for trees are common practice, reason why Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm presents in […]

Engaging the patrimonial liability

Engaging the patrimonial liability (responsibility) of the management and supervisory bodies (directors/ administrators) of an insolvent/ bankrupt company in Romania

According to the provisions of the Romanian Insolvency Law no. 85/2014, the persons that are responsible for the insolvency/ bankruptcy of the legal person are the members of the management and / or supervisory bodies of the company, directors or administrators, as well as any other persons who have contributed to its state of insolvency […]

TMT services

Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm assisted a foreign investor who represents an important company in Great Britain in order to incorporate a company in Romania for TMT services

Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm assisted a British investor in order to incorporate a company in Romania, in the sector of TMT services, the main activity object being the custom software development activities, writing (WEB programming), editing, testing, support and IT support services. The legal assistance included reviewing the fulfillment of the conditions […]

First steps to be taken by a Romanian company that opened the insolvency proceedings

When a Romanian company opens the insolvency proceedings, it must notify all the creditors and evaluate the capacity of the company to restructure its business. If these measures don’t follow the legal proceedings, the company may face problems that will not allow its reintegration into the economic circuit, say lawyers specialized in corporate and insolvency […]