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    Romanian companies in insolvency may prevent creditors abuse

    Banks, leasing companies or the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF) are often creditors of the Romanian insolvent companies. In some cases, ANAF, as well as other creditors act abusively. Thats why it is recommended to insolvent company to hire a lawyer specialized in insolvency and restructuring, which can advise them to prevent abuses, says […]

    First steps to be taken by a Romanian company that opened the insolvency proceedings

    When a Romanian company opens the insolvency proceedings, it must notify all the creditors and evaluate the capacity of the company to restructure its business. If these measures dont follow the legal proceedings, the company may face problems that will not allow its reintegration into the economic circuit, say lawyers specialized in corporate and insolvency […]

    Many real estate projects in Romania have construction defects. What actions should developers take to be compensated

    Sometimes, new real estate projects have construction defects that are not even known by the developer. Once the owners come into possession of the apartments, they may discover patent or latent defects and go against the developer during the defects liability period. Such cases happen because the developer didnt take the necessary supervising actions, says […]

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm is one of the best law firms in Romania, according to the IFLR1000 rankings for 2020

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm was ranked among the best law firms in the country, in the rankings made by the prestigious IFLR1000 (International Financial Law Review), one of the most prestigious law firms guide around the world that ranks law firms with a lot of expertise in Financial and Corporate area. This […]

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm offered legal advice for the launching of the first peer-to-peer car sharing platform in Romania, perpetoo.com

    Pavel, Margarit & Associates Romanian Law Firm advised the first peer to peer car sharing platform that was launched in Romania: perpetoo.com. The consultancy involved a series of legal challenges, taking into account that the legislation regulating this segment was not yet finalized at that time, according to the lawyers specialized in the technology, media […]

    What problems can arise when incorporating a Limited Liability Company in Romania- STATISTICS

    Tens of thousands of Limited Liability Companies are incorporated each year in Romania. Many times, however, the prospective owners do not take into considerations the problems that may arise in the future, especially issues related to shareholders rights and obligations or the firm’s Article of Association. By hiring a lawyer specialized in incorporating LLCs and […]

    Radu Pavel, Romanian lawyer specialized in investments securities: 5 tips to protect the capital invested in a Romanian company

    If an investor or a shareholder wants to invest in a Romanian company and receive a subsequent profit, he will provide a loan to that company. In this respect, it may be concluded a loan agreement or prepayment agreement. But these sort of agreements do not guarantee the security of the investment.  In order to […]

    How can a Romanian insolvent company best value its asset

    Romanian companies that have opened insolvency proceedings need liquidity to continue their business. One of the methods to obtain the necessary amounts is to capitalize the assets through sale by direct negotiation method, regulated by Romanian insolvency law nr. 85/2014. A Romanian lawyer specialized in restructuring and insolvency can help a company maximize the income […]

    How can you recover a car, an industrial machine or equipment from someone who refuses to render the asset

    There are many situations when contracts between companies are not respected by one party, which leads to court action. This happens when companies that alienated an industrial machine or equipment cannot recover it because of the current user’s refusal. To regain the thing they posses, even when they do not have an enforceable title, the […]