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    The most common legal problems facing Romanian startups and how to avoid them

    Opening a business in Romania can be both exciting and challenging, especially for Romanian startups facing unique legal issues. To succeed, Romanian entrepreneurs need to be aware of the legal implications involved in their business operations. Here are 10 legal issues Romanian startups should consider: Romanian startups: Starting a business in Romania can be a […]

    Securing your business: expert advice from a Romanian cybersecurity lawyer

    Why should cybersecurity be a priority for your company? As technology advances, the risk of cyber-attacks becomes ever more prevalent. As a Romanian cybersecurity lawyer at Pavel, Margarit & Associates, I’ve seen first-hand the devastating consequences cyberattacks can have on Romanian businesses. In this article, I’ll share my expert advice on how to protect your […]

    What represents personal data protection in Romania (GDPR)?

    What represents personal data protection in Romania (GDPR)?

    Data protection (GDPR) in Romania has an increasing importance as more and more people are entrusting their personal data on a daily basis to multiple companies in Romania. Given the fact that GDPRs goal is to offer more protection to individuals, this is the reason why it is crucial that there is compliance with GDPR […]